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My 1st solo in Notre Dame of Marbel University

July 5, 2012.Thursday night when my classmate told me that I will be the one to represent our year level for an intermission number on Saturday, Medical technologist Turn-over ceremony. And I was like “wooah, hold on. 1 day preparation? are you kidding me?!” and all of the sudden my berks, Jigo Batislaong, Patrick Don and Ian Asion told me that “You can do it bro, we have trust in you.”

I have no choice that time, so I agreed. I decided to play “It might be you, saxophone cover” My friend, Prince Figueroa helped me to finish my sheet music. At exactly 9pm in the evening, the music sheet is done.

July 7, 2012. Performance Day. I woke up early morning to practice. I was disturbing my neighbors. lol. 1pm in the afternoon, time to perform. I realized that I practice for only 6 hours. (Dont wanna do this again) My classmates are cheering me up. But in the end, it turned out well. Hihi. I received a lot of compliments. I can’t expressed my feeling that time. Thank God ^.^


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