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A real “WTF am I doing?” moment.

In the life of Theosus

Once a year or so it seems everything really comes together well and I get a storm in the right place at the right time, to really have fun with. There are a lot of things that must happen to get a decent photogenic thunderstorm.

There can’t be a lot of rain between you and the storm. That screws it all up. Ideally, the sky should be pretty clear except for the storm coming at you. There can’t be a lot of trees, street lights, etc. covering up parts of the cloud. It needs to be really active, without a lot of ground lightning strikes close to the ground you are currently occupying. Ground shots are nice, but when you are perched outside next to a metal tripod, cloud-to-cloud strikes are much friendlier.

It’s a mess, but once in a while, it all comes together. So, last night I was…

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I'm Zamir Anfernee N. Gayak, I used to be called "penny" My father gave me that kind of nickname and I really don't know why. 17 | Alto Saxophonist | Guitarist | Medical Student | Male | Cat lover | Dog Hater | We Only Live Once ♥

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